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Soft furnishings and fabrics bring the comfort and coziness into the home.

At Willow and coconut, we love pillows, throws and blankets. You can never have enough in our opinion. When decorating a home, it’s a good idea to keep the bigger items such as sofas, chairs, beds etc. in neutral tones. When the seasons change or your mood, you can easily switch out smaller items rather than the main furnishings.

Personally, we like natural ton sur ton colors, but maybe you want to switch it up in the summer months and add a pop of color. The best way to do this, is to buy nice colorful pillows or a throw. Then when you get tired of the color you just switch it to a more toned-down look.

Linens and cottons are not only found in the living room and bedroom. They are also a common staple in the kitchen, bathroom and dining room. Finding the perfect towel that feels good, dry’s you off and looks good too isn’t always easy.

This trifecta is sometimes harder to find than you might imagine, for instance some towels feel amazing and fluffy but when it’s time to dry off. The water just rolls off the towel, so when choosing towels, either for the bathroom or kitchen. It’s crucial you consider that the linen or cotton is pre-washed or treated in a way that the absorbency level is high.

Linen and cotton can also be found on the dining table during a weeknight dinner or an epic dinner party. Linens can elevate any occasion. A beautiful table setting only really comes together when adding a soft fabric. That doesn’t always need to include a table cloth, but maybe a runner or just some napkins can bring that extra something to a daily setting or add a table cloth for a more sophisticated feel.

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