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Willow and Coconut home décor and accessories aim to offer a boutique feel online. Where shopping is functional, fun and inspiring. We are always on the lookout for unique items as well as beautiful Brands that that can add to your daily convenience.

Whether you are looking for a unique piece or functional everyday items with a story we are here to serve you. Our mix of items range from Sustainable Scandinavian design to one of a kind Fairtrade items from Africa and Asia.

We love to mix different styles in home décor to layer the home with a unique patina that exudes luxury and comfort.

Keep an eye out for our new items section to stay up to date on new products as they come in. We will share with you what’s new and what will be coming soon.

Items can range from our fun and delicious Hagelswag, food storage options to create a more sustainable world and beautiful one of a kind pieces to wow your home. Owning a unique piece can not only offer daily inspiration but also serves as a wonderful conversation piece with your guests.

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Home accessories tell a story about who you are and where you want to go. It gives your story layers, it creates a unique patina within your home that shows you crave warmth and style. It shows people who you are and what you stand for.

Explore the world with us through our selection of carefully curated items with your desire for style and comfort in mind.

Thank you for joining the Willow and Coconut community and go out there and show them we are Willow and coconut! We believe we can work hard, play hard and live the life we want.