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At Willow and Coconut, we are proud to offer a diverse range of fair trade items made by skilled craftsmen and women. What exactly does Fairtrade stand for?! Fairtrade is a global movement that consists of a diverse network of producers, brands, companies, consumers, advocates and organizations putting people and planet first.

Here at Willow and Coconut we feel the importance of making a positive impact on our society and planet. Together we can achieve great things when we come together as one. We are committed to buying products from suppliers that adhere to the same values that stem from our core.

Making the right choices are an important part of the process. Based on the principle of paying a fair price for products rendered, the products we buy, and sell are connected to the livelihood of many families trying to make a decent living. The change starts here, supporting fair trade creates opportunities for workers to send their children to school and become educated and therefor have a chance to participate in programs that teach workers save environmental production and therefor join the global movement that is working hard on keeping our planet save and sustainable for its current and future inhabitants.

Supporting fair trade, means you make a conscious choice to support responsible companies, empower craftsmen and women, farmers, workers etc.… and protect the environment and creating a sustainable lifestyle. It’s the new way of business giving everyone the right to earn and trade fairly.

Fairtrade empowers people to make better choices for the good of themselves and their community. Regardless of your gender, age, status and position within society. It creates a global impact and change that we need to move forward. When we stand together we share a message that enough is enough. Fair trade and sustainable living ensure the future for our children and the generations to come.

Take a look in our store to find unique Fairtrade products and everyday functional items such as our GOT certified organic cotton food bags that replace the use of unnecessary plastic.

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