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What does Luxury interior design mean at Willow and coconut? It means you fill your home with quality goods that come with a story, are made of excellent quality and gives you a sense of achievement.

Who says you can’t have nice things? We sure don’t. Treating yourself with something big or small, is a gift to yourself. Learning to share starts with giving yourself what you deserve so you can experience the gift of giving.

Unique items are an essential part of telling your story through interior design. This can be very personal. Beauty can be seen in different ways, beauty can be found in perfection and just as often in imperfections. Perfectly imperfect. Most of the time we see items that speak to us, we see something we recognize or wish we had more of. When you feel a connection to something you always ask yourself, will this solve a problem, fill a void or just make me happy and add to the beauty I want to surround myself with every day?!

Here at Willow and Coconut we offer a variety of home decor accessories like one of a kind African artifact made by local craftsman or our collection marble stoneware made right here in Amsterdam using imported Turkish marble from the Aegean Sea. Or going for a picnic in a park with beautiful wooden plates from India. We offer a wide variety to cater to all your entertaining needs and home enhancement wishes.

Check out our luxury interior design items in our look book, on our Instagram or for the people that know what they want. Go straight to our store and shop your hearts desires.

The willow and Coconut way of life.

See you there and be part of our coconut society!